Real Estate Law

Protect your personal interests and get a great deal with expert real estate law services from Michele Paddy Refosco, Attorney at Law  in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Real property laws determine the rights and obligations of property owner, as well as any tenants, and the property that surrounds it.

Focused Legal Service

By focusing on real estate transfers, Michele Paddy Refosco Attorney at Law is able to offer her clients more than the average lawyer. She
helps both residential and commercial clients get the property they want at affordable costs. With beautiful property all over Horry County for sale, you need an experienced lawyer behind you to protect your rights.


Buying and selling real estate requires knowledge and navigation of the law, including drafting the deed. You need an experienced attorney to explore any issues with the title, verify documents, draft a purchase agreement, and verify the payment process. You need Michele Paddy Refosco Attorney at Law!

Get the Best Deal

Michele Paddy Refosco Attorney at Law has closed a wide variety of properties in the area, and has the experience and skills to work for you. Bring your property closing to a quick and satisfactory resolution with dedicated and driven real estate expertise.

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